We offer Tools for a Lifetime of Happiness

Our classes are fun and to significantly develop the children’s ability to build healthy relationships with themselves and their peers.  Parenting programs are designed to help parents learn how to model and teach these skills.

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Parenting programs are available in modules or together.  Each module is 2 hours and can be done at parent groups (PACs) or other venues.   $125/session

Joy of Parenting

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Teacher Training – How to Use Drama to Teach Emotional Intelligence

3 hour session including curriculum samples

School Visioning and Planning

Strategic Planning Sessions to create the kind of school you want to become. Nancy is an experienced facilitator with many references in the nonprofit and business community leading organizations to set and achieve exciting and inspiring goals.


Joyfilled Productions offers Friendship /Emotional and Social Development Classes for For Children through Drama and Play

These are delivered in classrooms, homes (for groups of children), lunchtime or after school programs.  They can include small child led performances for training younger children. Available within greater Vancouver to schedule email

Play approach for the Kindergarten/Gr 1 children we use puppet shows, experiments, visuals and drama.

For the Gr 1 to Gr 7 program we use drama as well as performances if that is of interest to the group.

Each individual module is designed for about 1 hour.  The sessions can be customized for a group of children or delivered in a classroom.

A.  Kindergarten/Gr 1 – Interactive Workshops for Groups of Children or Classrooms K/Gr 1

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B.  Gr 1-7 Friendship / Emotional and Social Intelligence Drama Program

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