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Join the hundreds of families whose children go to sleep smiling and connected to their hearts while listening to our Dream Child Audiobook with Songs CD as part of their bedtime routine.  Find out why hospitals, family hospices, and therapists choose this CD to help children feel good.  It is particularly helpful sleeping aid for children with sleep problems, ADHD, anxiety, or other bedtime problems.

Unlike other bedtime and meditation CDs, this CD starts out higher energy so it captivates the attention of the higher energy child and lulls them into peaceful or sleeping state.

Welcome to Joyfilled Productions. A place for ideas and products that develop authentic childhood happiness, emotional intelligence and resilience.

CEO and founder Nancy Bradshaw PhD is joined by award winning singer and actress Beverley Elliott and Grammy nominated musician and producer Michael Creber.

“An inspiring, uplifting CD for children, with enchanting stories and songs they’ll want to play it over and over again.”  BC Parent Magazine

“I was a sleep deprived mom. Now I am getting more sleep as I leave it on repeat all night long to soothe them back to sleep when they wake up.” Cassandra Hogland, Vancouver


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Magic Carpet Ride Through the Rainbow – our new bedtime CD

A Wonderful Story with Uplifting Songs
  • Your child becomes the main character on the Magic Carpet Ride through the Rainbow
  • The story captivates your child then relaxes and helps your child to sleep
  • Uplifting and peaceful – every rainbow colour helps balance your child’s energy centres

Create a Better Bedtime with these 2 CDs!

Dream Child CD cover

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DREAM CHILD – Still the Favourite CD for Many!

  • A cast of enchanting characters will captivate your child
  • You’ll meet Judy, Duchess Dove who carries away your worries, Mama Teddy Bear
  • An uplifting beginning that engages the sleep and lullaby resistant child
  • The pace gradually slows to lull your child into sweet dreams
  • Helpful with self esteem and for children during stressful or disappointing times